Ancient Black Hole Larger than Current Theories can Handle

The thing about black holes is that they are very dense.  If we took the entire 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Kg of the Sun (This is the real mass of the Sun) and turned it into a black hole, it would be about 6 Km in diameter. It is theorized that there are around 100 Million Black holes […]

Ceres has a Mystery Bright Spot: What is it?

As the Dawn Spacecraft readies for orbit insertion only a week from now, the images coming in are getting sharper and sharper.  Once the craft is fully in orbit its first task will be to map the surface of the planet in high definition.  Even on the last few weeks of the journey to Ceres, […]

Hardy New Comet may Become Visible

Comets are a lot like the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team.  They get you really excited early on, and just when your hopes are highest, they become a continual disappointment.  Then you go through the same thing the next time around.  More often than not, comets with great expectations fizzle or burn up.  Here are […]

Heliosphere Shaped by Solar Jets

The Sun is the driving force behind our planetary system.  It’s energy warms our planet, drives weather and climate patterns, and fuels the aurorae that surround our magnetic poles.  The Sun also has a much grander sphere of influence beyond the orbit of the Earth, stretching into the vast space between itself and the other […]

Hubble’s Best View of a Planetary Disk

At one point in history, let’s say around 1994, astronomers were fairly confident in their understanding of the formation of planetary systems.  Even though at the time we hadn’t found any planets orbiting other stars, they had long been theorized, and we figured that systems would form much like our own solar system.  Rocky planets […]

The Moon, Mars, and Venus are Shining Together

Even though the weather has been insanely cold in Canada the past few weeks, there is an upside for astronomers.  Call me a perpetual optimist, but when it’s colder in Canada than it is on Mars, you have to find some kind of silver lining. The upside is that colder weather and clear skies are sometimes […]

A Planet is being Vapourized by its Home Star

At least once a month we hear of a new exoplanet with a strange and amazing story.  From the ‘Super-Saturn’ ringed world to Magnetic Fields to systems of three Earths, there is an abundance of planets and strange systems. The latest weird discovery brings us to a star 1,500 light years away in the constellation Cygnus. […]

Ceres Like the Moon, Mercury

It’s coming up fast.  The March 6th orbital injection of the Dawn spacecraft about the dwarf planet Ceres is set to be an incredible event.  The latest photos show a much more detailed Ceres that we have seen previously.   The newest images reveal that Ceres is a rocky, cratered world, not unlike the Moon […]

Black Holes and Dark Matter: Two Crazy Concepts Related?

Every single massive galaxy has a black hole at its center, and bigger galaxies have bigger black holes.  It almost seems like a natural progression, with a bigger galaxy meaning more stars and material to feed a bigger black hole.  However, most of that material doesn’t make it to the central black hole. So how […]

70,000 Years Ago A Rogue Star Passed Through the Solar System

Like piecing together a car accident, by looking at the results of a collision in space, we can use our knowledge of science to piece together the past and determine what happened to a high degree of accuracy.  The velocity of a star, along with high powered computer simulations and statistical techniques, can help us […]