One Year Mission on the ISS Begins!

When Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield was in space, on the International Space Station (ISS), he stayed there for six months, the standard length of stay for an astronaut.  On the ISS, three of the six-person crew are replaced every three months.  After returning to Earth, Hadfield could barely walk.  He had lost bone density and […]

Dark Matter is Darker than we Thought?

We call it dark matter because it doesn’t give off light, right? Well there is a lot of matter than doesn’t radiate, but the difference is that whatever the stuff is that we call dark matter doesn’t interact with anything through the small-scale fundamental forces.  The only way we have been able to detect it’s […]

Best View Yet of Gas Cloud Passing Milky Way Black Hole

A few months ago I talked about Astronomers seeing the gas cloud known as G2 passing the central black hole of the Milky Way, called Sagittarius A*, and how we had hoped to watch the black hole destroy it in order to learn about the behaviour of supermassive black holes.  As we all sat and […]

Measuring Saturn’s Speedy Rotation

How do we measure the rotation speed of a planet? Exactly as you would expect.  Watch the surface, look for markable features, and time how long it takes until those features pass the same point again in the future.  But how can we possibly nail down this information when the planet has little to no […]

Jupiter Came in Like a Wrecking Ball! A New History of Our Home System

It’s difficult to determine the history of the Solar System.  The planets have been in their current orbits for Billions of years, and any signs of prior activity or configuration has to come from leftover geologies of smaller, rocky worlds.  It makes it especially difficult when the Billions of interloper asteroids and comets throughout history […]

Biggest Asteroid Impact Crater Ever Discovered in Australia

We have found evidence of ancient impacts all across the Earth, from the famous Chixulub crater in Mexico to the Sudbury Basin a little bit closer to my home.  From Space the remains look nothing like craters, millions of years of sediment and growth hide the massive regions from obvious detection, but signs remain of […]

One Night with Mars, One with Venus – The Moving Moon

Yesterday I posted some of my own photos of the Moon and Mars in conjunction from the night before.  Last night I went out again knowing that there was another planetary conjunction in the works.  The Moon was now with Venus.  People on the internet and in person were asking me “Mars? I thought the […]

A Theory of Everything? Mixing Quantum Mechanics and Relativity

The biggest problem in theoretical physics today is the marriage between Quantum Mechanics and Gravity.  Throw in the fact that whatever theory comes out of it has to additionally be able to explain Dark Matter and Dark Energy, and we have ourselves a massive problem to solve.  How do we reconcile the seemingly random probabilistic […]

Rosetta Measures Nitrogen Around Comet 67P

As the Rosetta spacecraft remains in orbit around the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, the comet is slowly drifting toward its closest approach to the Sun, known as perihelion.  As the comet moves closer to the Sun, intense sunlight liberates gases and dust in streams of material that form clearly visible streaks.  The orbiter is able to sample some […]