Moore Canucks in SPACE: Dec 11 2012

Show Notes: December 11, 2012

Title: Moore Canucks in SPACE!
 Jesse, Ryan, Paul (‘The Dean’)
Guest: Randy Attwood
Tweet: We’re live! @astronomyFM. @jesserogerson, ‘the dean,’ and special Guest Randy Attwood (cc: @spaceref)

This Week In History:
14 December 1546 – Tycho Brahe is born
10 December 1984 – only impact of a meteorite observed
11 December 1972 – Apollo 17 lands on the moon (14 December – Cernan leaves)
15 December 1970 – first landing on another planet

40th anniversary of Apollo 17 landing on the moon this Thursday. Gene Cernan was the last to walk.


1. Chris Hadfield with Randy Attwood
expedition 34
promotion of the fight, contests, competitions

2. The passing of Sir Patrick Moore
55 years of The Sky at Night, missed one episode

The passing of a great. The world mourns the man and the legend, Sir Patrick Moore @astronomyFM @jesserogerson @spaceref

3. Most Super Massive Black hole ever found
-SMBH typically measure at 0.1% of the mass of the galaxy
-difficult because you need to see the stars move around the blackhole
-you can only do this to 200 million light years…not very far
-NGC1277, average speed of 400 km/s
-mass 17 billion solar masses, the galaxy 100 billion solar masses, which is 15% the mass of the galaxy!….crazy
-is this galaxy a ‘freak’ or is this a normal galaxy. perhaps this means growth can be independent

Tweet: astronomers find most massive blackhole in universe measuring 15% of total mass of galaxy @astronomyFM @jesserogerson

4. Detecting Meteors

5. ‘Green Bean Galaxies’