Orion’s Bullets, GeMS in space: Jan 22 2013

Show Notes:  January 22, 2013 (GMT)

Title: Orion’s Bullets, GeMS in space
: Jesse, Ryan, and Pat

This Week in History:

21 January 2013 – Chris Hadfield drops puck at the leaf game http://goo.gl/ki6Ii
21 January 1979 – Neptune became the furthest planet in solar system
19 January 2006 – New Horizons launched
18 January 2002 – Gemini South Observatory dedicated

Major Topics Covered

1. Gemini’s New Adaptive Optics system – http://goo.gl/KSpQc
GeMS – Gemini Multi Conjugate Adaptive Optics System. Is a diffraction limited, Near Infrared (NIR) Adaptive Optics system designed to increase both the field of view and resolution of the adaptive optics at Gemini South. The outgoing light will be sent either to the NIR imager/Multi Object Spectrograph known as Flamingos2, or the NIR imager GSAOI

GeMS has not 1 but 5 laser guide stars and 3 deformable mirrors used to sample atmospheric distortions and cancel it out in real time. It creates 3D snapshot of atmospheric turbulence about 500/1000 times/sec. About 80 hours will be offered to observers in 2013A, more after to come in the following semesters.

Orion Bullets
While commissioning GeMS, the GeminiSouth team observed the ‘bullets’ in Orion. You can actually see the movement they’ve made over 5 years since the last observation. Amazing! These are clumps of gas ejected at super sonic speeds, in clumps 100x larger than the orbit of pluto.

2. Curiosity finds multiple instances of surface water

3. Nessie found – long dark filament of star formation – http://goo.gl/AY8dx

4. Space Medicine – question from friend/listener – http://goo.gl/ihPvY
See Chris Hadfield working on ISS medical emergencies

5. Earth possibly hit by a Gamma Ray burst 1200 years ago – http://goo.gl/lZuyw
evidence in the trees!

Analyst’s Journal
Tonight was the first airing of a new York Universe production called ‘The Analyst’s Journal.’ From the brain of Dr. John Moores. There are many papers published everyday, most of which don’t make it to the front page of the News Paper, or to your nightly news program on television. Dr. John hosts a round table discussion with Jesse Rogerson and Lianne Manzer to cover some of the lesser known papers.
Listen to the first show here — http://goo.gl/k5Lis
17.5 min

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