Remember: Jan 29 2013

Show Notes: January  29,  2013 (GMT)
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Title: Remember
: Ryan (websitetwitter), Paul, and Jesse (websitetwitter)

We Remember the contributions of the fallen in This Week in History
27 January 1967 – Grissom, White, Chaffee, die in apollo 1 cockpit fire
1 February 2003 – Columbia (STS 107) explodes upon reentry
28 January 1986 – Challenger is lost
24 January 1986 – Voyager 2 passes Uranus (first and last!) now at 100 A.U.

Major Topics Covered

1. 10 years for Opportunity on Mars
Opportunity landed on 25 January 2004 and hasn’t stopped yet!

2. Japanese Astronomers use Subaru find planets with Retrograde orbits

3. Astronomy and Space Exploration Symposium at University of Toronto

4. Curiosity Snaps Night Images

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