Ground Control to Commander Chris: May 13th, 2013

Show Notes: May 13th, 2013 UTC

Hosts: Paul, Harrison, Jesse
Title: Ground Control to Commander Chris
Guests: Rachel Ward and Interview with CSA astronaut Jeremy Hansen

This week in space/astronomy history:

1. Skylab 1 launch May 14 1973

2. HST repair mission in progress 2009


Rachel Ward-Maxwell – coordinator of the 3D theatre at McMaster University

Bio: Rachel is a York University Alumn now a graduate student at McMaster University studying star formation. Rachel was heavily involved with York Observatory’s outreach program during her time as an undergraduate program here, and now has helped fill in the outreach program at McMaster.

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1. ‘What’s the latest?’ Episode 2 debuting – ‘Supernova part 1’

2. Science Rendezvous update/summary

3. Chris Hadfield Returning to Earth


Jeremy Hansen – Canadian Astronaut

– Hubble spots planetary debris in dead starts:

Major Topics Discussed:

– Highlights from Hadfield’s mission )

– Discussion of atmospheric re-entry, landing in a Soyuz versus other vehicles, etc

Where In The Universe:

Last weeks Image:

Winnter: Arpit Sharma  – Tadpole Galaxy

Correct Answer: Tadpole Galaxy

This week’s Image:

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