York Universe Ice Storms the Airwaves: December 23, 2013

Show notes for Episode 179, December 23, 2013
Hosts: Rob B., Harrison, Jesse, Lianne
Title: York Universe ice storms the airwaves

Broadcasting from beneath a 200km layer of solid ice, the York Universe crew proves that life can exist on Europa, since it still exists in similar conditions here in Toronto. They recap the most interesting and exciting stories of 2013, with too many to list here.

This week in space/astronomy history:
1. December 21 – 27, 1968 – Cmdr Frank Borman, Command Module Pilot Jim Lovell, and Lunar Module Pilot become the first three humans to travel to the Moon and orbit it, aboard Apollo 8.
2. December 25, 1642 – Sir Isaac Newton was born.

1. The International Space Station has had problems with its ammonia pump, requiring at least two emergency space walks (Suggested Reading: NASA update article, Sun News Network article).

Year in Review:
The York Universe crew compiled a list of the greatest stories of the year, and then spent over 2 hours chatting about it! Here are the stories covered in (roughly) chronological order:
1. 12 LY away planet, Earths are common says Keck
2. Water on Mars – Curiosity find more evidence for water Mars had drinkable water (Curiosity March, Oppy April), curiosity drills, Humans wont die going to mars says MSL (Ryan’s favourite story of the year)
3. 10 years of oppy on Mars – Jan 24 2004
4. CSA tweetup
5. SpaceX dragon docks with ISS, -Cygnus docks with ISS
6. Mercury meteorite?
7. Chelyabinsk (Jesse’s favourite story of the year)
8. Hadfield takes command, singing, twitter, sing-along, etc,etc,etc (Lianne’s favourite story of the year)
9. Planck ages universe better than ever
10. Our 150th
11. Jeremy Hansen chat
12. Earth “selfie” from Cassini and Messenger (http://www.planetary.org/blogs/emily-lakdawalla/2013/11131344-cassini-saturn-photo-explained.html)
13. Voyager 1 has left the building (Harrison’s favourite story of the year)
14. Boomerang coldest place in universe
15. US shuts down
16. ISON: the saga continues, PanSTARRS, Enke, lovejoy
17. MOM, MAVEN, china on Moon

Thanks for listening!
-YorkUniverse Team
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