The Spectacular York Universe 150th Episode Extravaganza!

That’s right!! Tonight’s the  night! Make sure to tune in at a new time of  8 PM EDT (12 AM UT) to listen to all our hosts chat, debate, bicker, and laugh about all things astronomy and astrophysics! Tonight’s special episode is sure to tickle your funny bone!

With much more listener interaction tonight make sure to swing by our live online public viewing chat room here to participate!

As always, tune in at Astronomy.FM!

Sneak Peak: April 1, 2013

Happy April everyone! Today is Easter Monday but we are going LIVE at 9 pm EDT. Tune in at Astronomy.FM to hear Jesse, Ryan, Paul, and Sophia chat about space, the universe, and everything! Tonight we have special guest Matt Johnson joining us to chat more about the new results from the Planck Telescope.

As always, join us in our live chatroom where York Observatory staff members will be posting (hopefully) live photos taken from our on campus telescope.

Sneak Peak: Mar 18, 2013

Tonight co-hosts Ryan, Jesse, Pat (and maybe Lianne) will be discussing new data from the Curiosity Rover about the possibility of conditions for life in the past, Astronomers find unique supernova, Overwhelming proof that Cosmic Rays are indeed created by Supernovae and much much more! 

Tune in at 9 pm EDT or 1am UT (March 19th) ! And remember to log into our online public viewing chatroom starting at 7:30 EDT!

But, if you miss our live broadcast you can still tune into our re-runs on Astronomy.FM every 4 hours on Astronomy.FM or listen to our podcast published here after the show!

Sneak Peak at This Weeks Topics: Feb 26, 2013!

Tonight’s hosts are Ryan, Jesse, and Harrison. They’ll be chatting about the Curiosity rover, that 2013 is the year of comets (how awesome is that!) and a couple of close calls on “This Week In History”! Plus, the York Universe Team’s take on the Russian Fireball!

Tune in at 9:00 pm EST or 1:00 am UT!