York Universe attends ‘What’s Up in Space?’

This was a collaborative post, written by Jesse, Julie, Ryan, and Lianne, and included private communications with Paul.

     On May 25, 2013, the York Universe team (represented by Jesse Rogerson, Ryan Marciniak, Lianne Manzer, and Paul Delaney) in collaboration with York alumni Julie Tomé, attended the 2nd annual What’s Up in Space? event organized by the AstroNuts Kids Space Club.
The AstroNuts are a very energetic group of children aged 8-12 that meets once month at their Home Base in Newmarket, Ontario. For each meeting, Ray Bielecki (the club manager) organizes a range of science programming from one of Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM). Ray will often invite presenters to help him engage with the children. The club’s website describes the group best: “We are not a registered company, not a charity, not an association, not a not-for-profit, not a for-profit, we are ‘just’ an amazing local fun kids space club.”
The What’s Up in Space? event was designed to extend the reach of the AstroNuts to a broader audience. The AstroNuts can only maintain a relatively small group of club members, but for one day every year, Ray Bielecki and the AstroNuts team are able to engage hundreds of children at a time. York Universe and the York University Astronomical Observatory have presented at the event in the past, and we were all so excited to be invited back.

What's Up in Space? Crowd

The crowd at the 2nd Annual What’s Up in Space? event. Children aged 5 to 8 attended. In this picture, Ray Bielecki is introducing Dr. Dave Williams, Canadian Astronaut.

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Ryan to Mars: An Unexpected Journey: May 27, 2013

Show Notes: May 27th, 2013 UTC

Hosts: Jesse, Lianne, Paul, Ryan
Title: Ryan to Mars: An Unexpected Journey

Back from a much needed rest, the York Universe team was full of energy! With so much to discuss (two week break and all…) and only an hour to chat, it turned into a very packed night! Among other news, the York Universe team attended the “What’s Up in Space?” event hosted by the Astronuts Kids Space Club to present to engage children with astronomy activities. Ryan pre-recorded an episode of Curiosity Corner…and then introduced it himself, showing that it is possible to be in two places at once. Finally, we discussed both Exoplanets and Giant Elliptical galaxies. Thanks for listening all! Podcast and show notes below.

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Baking Anti-Matter Galaxies with Jen! April 30, 2013

Show Notes: April 30th, 2013 UTC

Hosts: Paul, Harrison, and Jen (debut episode)
Title: Baking Anti-Matter Galaxies with Jen!

This week in space/astronomy history:

May 3 Space Day: http://www.spaceday.org/index.php/About-Us.html
May the Fourth be with you
May 4 Greenwich Observatory 1675

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