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Our company started life in a small pork butcher and pie shop in Scarborough and over the decades has grown in size, scope and ambition to the point we now have nearly 200 shops all over Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and the North East.

Every single product in our vast range is made with the same care, detail and attention. We bake each and every day to ensure the freshest quality products reach our shops every day., We continue to innovate to meet the ever-evolving tastes and needs of all our customers, and make sure we have their favourites too!


Founded by a young husband and wife, Frederick and Alice Coopland, Cooplands began trading as a small pork butcher and pie maker on Market Street, Scarborough. Their bestselling pork pies and savouries start to make a name for the Coopland family.

Frederick Coopland passes away at only 47, leaving his wife Alice in charge of the business and their four children. In 1915 a disastrous fire destroys the shop on Market Street leaving. Alice and her children with only the clothes they are wearing. She opens a new shop on Newborough, Scarborough, which remains company HQ for the next 45 years.